At Jade International School in Colombo, we specialize in preparing students for Edexcel and Cambridge examinations, delivering top-tier academic and skill-based education. Our mission is to bridge the gap in 21st-century skills while achieving world-class academic results, fostering knowledge, and nurturing character development.

Our consultants and lecturers are certified by leading accreditation bodies in the United Kingdom, ensuring the highest standards of teaching excellence. Their unwavering commitment to revolutionizing education in Sri Lanka distinguishes Jade International School as a leader in innovative and holistic education.

Experience the Jade difference, where world-class education meets character building and skill development for a brighter future.

Our workshop-style classroom and teaching methodologies have proved to be the most engaging and participative approach. 

Glass-walled classrooms with circular tables have not only encouraged participation but has built avenues for brainstorming and active idea sharing. Learning has been made "fun", helping students understand the core concepts and retain knowledge learnt in the classroom.  

We've built your dream classroom, it's fun, it's active, you learn, you grow.