Adnan Rauf

Business - 100/100

Abdullah Dawood

Business - 100/100

Ammar Jalaldeen

Accounting - 300/300

Aadhil Ali

Business - 100/100

Shennon C.

Accounting 1 - 300/300

Business  - 100/100

Shevon C.

Accounting - 300/300

Seth Fonseka

Business 1 - 100/100

Business 2 - 100/100

Economics 1 - 300/300

Aabidh Jaufer

Business 1 - 100/100

Business 2 - 100/100

Economics 1 - 100/100

Reesha T

Business - 100/100


Business - 100/100

Thevaki V

Economics - 100/100

Sajini Athukorala

Accounting 1 - 300/300

Business  - 100/100

Why Choose this Programme?


"Isn't that reason enough? This programme set me on a fast track to my goal, I'm obviously ahead of the rest of my grade. I had ample time to play around, I started my own business, organised some of the biggest events, I explored my favourite hobbies and I'm off to university this year! Really, what more could I have asked for?" 

Why Choose Jade?

"JADE CHANGED ME! I now know my potential" ~Shevon Colombage

"I went from scoring mediocre grades to topping the world. Jade teaches you how to build an approach to studying, to make a Game Plan. You learn to build your skills at Jade, not just listen to someone teach you what's on the textbook. Doesn't seem like the teachers will ever give up, even if you give up on yourself."



Jade High is known for its well rounded education system, which includes sports - Futsal, Basketball, Badminton and many more. 

Cultural activities

We love celebrating, from Diwali to Ifthars to Christmas Carols to Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Jade High takes part in them all. 

Student Council

Our student council is actively engaged in learning from various activities and engaging  with students across different schools and countries. 



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Are A Levels all that important?

"A foundation degree would limit my choices, A Levels opened up an array of programmes to choose from. During A Levels you'll start to hear words like Ansoff's, Porter's, BCG, SWOT, PESTLE; trust me! You will hear all of this all the way up to your Master's degree. I'm 18 and I finish my Bachelor's and Postgraduates this year. " ~ Abdul Rahman

What our classes are like

Our workshop-style classroom and teaching methodologies have proved to be the most engaging and participative approach. 

Glass-walled classrooms with circular tables have not only encouraged participation but has built avenues for brainstorming and active idea sharing. Learning has been made "fun", helping students understand the core concepts and retain knowledge learnt in the classroom.  

We've built your dream classroom, it's fun, it's active, you learn, you grow.

Think this is for you?