The Elite Panel

A combination of highly qualified industry experts


PHD Doctoral Student, MBA, CELTA (UK), MABE, CIM (UK), BSc Hons       

Subject - Economics & Business

Siraj is highly qualified, from an MBA to a CELTA certification from the Cambridge University. Siraj has over 10 years of corporate experience in the education industry, including at the British Council. His track record includes producing several world prizes and straight A students in every sitting.

Fun fact? He won a world prize himself!



Subject - Biology and Human Biology

Sachith specialised in Biology throughout his career and completes his PHD in Molecular Biology from the University of Colombo. His vast knowledge of the subject and his innovative teaching style makes him the go-to teacher for Biology and Human Biology.

Fun fact? Sachith is a published writer, with his findings being produced in several research papers and science journals.



Subject - Accounting

Thasweer is an accounting professional from the corporate sector. His extensive management experience in real time accounting has made his classroom an exciting one!

Thasweer is also a senior lecturer for the professional qualification - ACCA. He knows accounting like the back of his hand!



Subject - English Language

Nimasha is certified by the Cambridge University as a CELTA qualified English teacher. She has dedicated her teaching towards younger learners and is backed by teaching experience from the British Council and the Elizabeth Moir School.

With over 10 years in the English Teaching industry, Nimasha's class is not one to miss; She really knows how to make learning fun. 


BSC Hons - Psychology (First Class)

Subject - Psychology

She's a dedicated psychologist with over 8 years of teaching experience ranging from High School to University teaching. 

In Practicing psychology, Hafsa has over 3 years of counselling experience, including Special Education Needs (SEN).

Fun fact? She's a published writer, jewellery designer and a calligrapher!



Subject - Economics & Business

Raisha is a highly qualified and experienced teacher with expertise in economics and business. She holds a CELTA certification from the UK.  With her strong educational background, she effectively guides students through complex topics in economics and business. Miss Raisha's teaching methods are dynamic and engaging, ensuring students grasp both theoretical concepts and practical skills.


BSc Hons QUT (AUS) Mechatronics

Subject - Mathematics

Dinura studied at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia for a double degree in Mechatronics and Economics.

He finds passion in motivating students with his exciting classroom techniques that make learning more engaging!

Fun fact? He's a tech enthusiast and an ambassador for eSports!


Doctor of Medicine (MD) 

Subject - Chemistry

 With a passion for healthcare and education. She strives to make a positive impact on her students' lives and provide excellent medical care to her patients.

As a remarkable chemistry lecturer, she demonstrates a strong work ethic and understands what it takes to succeed academically

Fun fact! Not only a delegate of the Model United Nations (MUN) but also an avid badminton player and adrenaline junkie!


Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths and Company Secretary, 

Masters in International Law (Spl. Human Resource)

Subject - Law

 She’s a known lecturer in the field with over 5 years of practice and teaching in a variety of institutes and thus has gained knowledge and expertise in handling students of many different ages She has a practice attached to Sri Lankan courts in many fields ranging from all civil to criminal, including fundamental rights actions

Fun fact? She learnt music and obtained qualifications separately in music, just for a passion of teaching! She is also an English Presenter in Media and a dedicated lecturer in the making!


BSc (Hons) – Col, MBA (RD), FCIM - UK, BA (Hons) - UK

Subject - Physics

Shahan is a dynamic and passionate Physicist with a Bachelorette specializing in Physics from the University of Colombo. He is a highly qualified and experienced teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience with an expertise in Physics and Mathematics. 

He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. His goal is to make physics accessible and enjoyable for all his students, fostering a love for the subject that goes beyond textbooks and exams.


Member of British Computer Society (BCS), diploma in web engineering and digital marketing, 

Subject - ICT

With a strong background as a web and mobile engineer for three years, she has contributed significantly to diverse projects. Combining my passion for technology with a love for education, she embarked on a teaching career after completing a diploma in teacher training and obtaining AMI certification. This unique blend of technical expertise and teaching skills allows me to effectively communicate complex concepts while inspiring young learners.