"I topped the world!"

"We weren't the book worms but we still got better scores which is because of the distinctive teaching methods that we followed in Jade. Jade made my studies so much more easier and I literally loved the days at Jade. It was so much fun to be part of Jade because we didn't only study but we were engaged in group work, workshops and games like foosball. Priviliged to have topped the world for Edexcel BS 2019".


"..a real-world perspective..."

Looking back, the nicest part about Siraj’s lessons was that I could have a conversation about the real world, and usually on topics beyond economics. I was in a rush to cover the syllabus when I went to him, but Siraj managed to give me a real-world perspective of economics too, despite our tight schedule. Anyone can dictate a syllabus. There’s more to teaching that that though! I feel that the interest in the subject, inspired by the conversations, is my biggest takeaway. :)


"You’ll even wonder how you could have ever doubted yourself in the first place".

I failed my A levels; I had no backup plan. All I had in terms of academics was a transcript filled with U’s. Many made it seem like there wouldn’t be much hope: I believed it too. I guess the reality of life woke me up. All my friend were off to university, and I had to stay behind with nothing in pursuit. My mother was upset, and so was I, in my failure.
Yet My mother still believed and so did I. I decided to do my As level, and A level in one go to get into university within the timeframe of 1 year. I would have to do two years of work in three months. Other, then my parents I felt like no one would be willing to give me the push I needed to squeeze through the tiny slither of success. And then I met a few individuals, who were crazy enough to believe in me, one of these individuals was: Mr Siraj.
My mother called me on the phone telling me she found a teacher who would be willing to take on this feat with me. I laughed in the belief that he wouldn’t be able to see his word through or even try with an “idiot” like me. I hesitated, and eventually by an act of desperation and kismet I called him, the rest is history.
What I’ll say about Mr Siraj is this, he understands you for what you are, he will do everything he can to see you fulfil your goals. It is one thing for someone to tell an accomplished individual they are intelligent. But it is another to help a failure feel like they are the best. Mr Siraj helped me spring back up to my best. Every single time I felt like I couldn’t do it, he would listen completely unphased, with a simple shake of the head, and a smile he would tell me I would do everything I set out to do and even more.
Although this might seem like a simple gesture, the point is this NO matter the turbulence Mr Siraj will be there beside you, and as a result with that kind of belief, it makes it impossible for you not to have believed in yourself. You’ll even wonder how you could have ever doubted yourself in the first place. P.S I made it to university and even more. Here’s to you sir and the next generation. Enjoy the journey.... I did.


"a partnership between student and teacher.."

I was introduced to sir Siraj by my late aunt. I used to constantly tell her how disappointed I was for not being able to achieve a good grade for Econ and, it was the only subject I was struggling to get to my target grade. If I am being honest, I was not very pleased by the fact that sir was going to re-do the syllabus knowing that exams were not far away and, I was just looking for “back-up” support. I thought this was going to be a waste of time and, was under the impression “I knew it all” but, gave it a go anyways.
I was proven wrong in no time. Sir’s teaching made me understand the content, see the practical side of it, taught me how to apply the knowledge in context and many other studying techniques were pointed out which I would not come to know otherwise. Sir’s teaching techniques and styles helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses which supported me to reach my target. Believe me or not, all this improvement and realization occurred within weeks and I achieved grades beyond my expectations (my target was to receive at least a B grade but, I ended up achieving high A grades). In fact, Econ ended up being the subject I achieved the highest grade for compared to the rest of the subjects I took and the most-liked subject since I now understood what I was learning and the learning experience was interesting.
I hope this goes without saying: “Hard work pays off” however, the difference is, in this case, it is not a sole effort but a partnership between the student and teacher. I use Sir’s studying techniques up to date and, I have just completed three years of my double-degree. The point I am making is that: a strong foundation makes the tower stand firm! Thank you sir for all the hard work and helping me shape my future. I recommended sir to my brothers (Shennon and Shevon) and, I am so glad and proud to tell that they are excelling in their studies.

Abdul Rahman

"They proved learning was fun..."

Jade Education provided me with an exceptional learning environment. The small focused group classes were just right, since we would learn from each other in terms of questions being asked or interactive quizzes held by the lecturer itself. The industry leading panel of lecturers were highly qualified in their respective fields and were unlike any other private tutors as they would adapt their teaching style according to the student. They proved learning was fun by inducing countless practical examples of textbook theories; and educated us in structuring our answers so that we knew how individual marks were awarded. To me, the greatest benefit is that I still use the knowledge that I gained in writing structured answers for my professional qualifications as well. I’d recommend Jade Education to anyone seeking a quality service, not just for IGCSE and IAL, but for their future career pathways too.


"..we hardly felt any pressure..."

Jade Education or moreover Sir Siraj is someone i’d definitely trust with literally anything! I joined his classes during the course of my last months before I sat for my Economics exams and he did wonders! From teaching me the theories to endless drawings of charts (which i suggest you take a look at because they could be a pain in the a$$) he took us through the entire thing and we hardly felt any pressure! I would highly recommend him and Jade Education for any education purposes!


"..taught me using logic..."

Sir Siraj has been really helpful to me during my International Advanced Level exams. He has taught me using logic and helped me thoroughly in understanding the charts and how to deal with exam level questions.

I would definitely recommend Jade Education for all educational purposes!